Discord’s ‘Linked Roles’ functionality will feature Solana integration

Solana has announced that the newly-unveiled “Linked Roles” feature on Discord will include native support for the high-powered blockchain.

First blockchain to be supported by Linked Roles

In a Dec. 12 tweet, Solana claimed it would be the first blockchain to be integrated into Discord’s Linked Roles, allowing users to link and authenticate their Solana wallets to servers with the Solana app installed.

According to Solana, the new feature will help improve trust and safety on the instant messaging social platform by allowing server administrators to create roles based on metadata from a user’s Solana wallet.

Linked Roles is the latest addition to Discord’s suite of “Connections” experiences that were hinted at in October. Connections are links that allow users to display information from external accounts on their Discord by signing into them and confirming that they own them. Connected accounts are deemed more trustworthy than regular text fields, and users can display any Connections on their profiles.

Linked Roles to help curb scams on Discord

Discord announced that the feature would kick off with more than twenty different Connections in the next few weeks, and they’ll include categories such as fitness, gaming, social media, crypto marketplaces, and financial services.

The platform claims the new feature will make it easier for users to trust interactions on the platform by giving them confidence that the person they’re communicating with is genuine.

Furthermore, Linked Roles will help users who sell and trade on Discord steer clear of scams and false identities since they’ll be able to connect with people with linked external accounts or payment methods like PayPal, which will give them more confidence in their legitimacy.

The move is a boon for Solana users and the broader Web3 community as it will further integrate Web3 into Web2 and conventional gaming platforms, allowing a user’s Solana address to be displayed alongside their Spotify playlist, PlayStation or Xbox username, and other information.

Discord makes no mention of Solana support

Interestingly, while Solana claims Linked Roles includes support for the network, Discord itself didn’t mention anything of the sort in its official announcement of the functionality boost, only stating that it was launching 22 “official” applications. 

However, the platform also noted that it would be opening a process next year to allow additional apps to gain “official” status.

If news of the support is true, then it will become Solana’s latest high-profile integration. During its annual BreakPoint conference last month, Solana confirmed Google Cloud as a new validator. The network also has active partnerships with Instagram and Helium and projects with Jump and Coral.

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