Jack Dorsey responds to Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files”

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, in a Twitter thread on Tuesday, while promoting his social networking protocol, also responded to Elon Musk’s Twitter Files.

He describes this as a welcomed development that must be transparently released to the public in a “Wikileaks-style.” Jack, however, urged internet users not to go after twitter employees for perceived misdemeanors. 

In a Dec.4 tweet, Elon Musk requested for more time to broadcast Twitter Files. Jack Dorsey, while reacting to the tweet on December 7, urged him to release every file to the public in their original format and let people judge for themselves. 

In past and present tweets, Elon Musk has revealed that the former Twitter boss used his platform to suppress free speech mostly during the build-up to the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections, which he said was a clear violation of the company’s policy. 

The latest released Twitter Files are part of Elon Musk’s attempt at restructuring the existing  Twitter management to give a social media platform devoid of suppression of free speech. 

Jack Dorsey wants Elon Musk to hold nothing back

Jack also expressed his dissatisfaction with releasing the files to a specific journalist, who then posted and made a report on a few excerpts of the files to drive certain narratives. Instead, he reiterated his earlier calls for transparency in the release.

Dorsey’s insistence on transparency also shows he needs that to vindicate some of his former colleagues at Twitter, who have been subjected to series of attacks in recent times. 

The December 13 tweet is about something other than his detailed response to Twitter. Therein, he also talked about his decision to give a million-dollar grant to Signal and extend donations to other projects focusing on building social platforms founded on privacy preservation.

He described BlueSky as another opportunity to build an ideal social media platform devoid of all the inhibitions he faced with Twitter. BlueSky is a decentralized social network protocol that ensures independence in users’ thoughts, actions, and inactions within its ecosystem. 

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