Meta is making the Quest 2’s GPU more powerful

Meta is giving Quest 2 developers 7 percent more GPU compute power to work with, meaning apps and games on the headset you already own might look a little bit better sometime soon.

For developers, the increased power should “improve your ability to leverage higher pixel density without substantially reducing the resolution in order to hit the target frame rate,” Meta wrote in a blog post. Phrased a different way, “this means your apps’ visuals will look even better—without sacrificing resolution quality,” Meta says.

The change is possible thanks to the Quest using a new 525MHz GPU frequency, which is up from the previous 490MHz, and Meta’s “dynamic clocking system” will automatically up the frequency when it senses an app could use it. Unfortunately, it will be a little clunky to use, at least at first. For now, you’ll have to open an app, take off your Quest 2, and then put it back on to take advantage of the increased power. Starting with the Quest 2’s v49 update, the increased power will be available in an app right away. But we might be waiting just a bit for that update since Meta only released v47 at the beginning of December.

Meta’s blog post doesn’t say if this GPU boost will affect battery life at all, and the company didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment. But this is still a pretty cool thing for Meta to do, especially more than two years after the original launch of the Quest 2. And it’s just the latest piece of major functionality Meta has added to the headset post-launch, a list that already includes things like two refresh rate improvements and voice commands.

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