Twitter’s newsletter tool is shutting down in less than a month

People won’t be able to access their accounts after that date, and all the service’s data will be deleted, according to a help article on the Revue site. Before then, authors who used the service will be able to download lists of their subscribers, as well as an archive that includes their analytics and writing. Revue also alerted its users to this information via email and has said that it’ll cancel paid newsletter subscriptions starting December 20th, so people won’t be charged for newsletters they won’t get.

People who want to say more on Twitter may have a few options after Revue goes away. Elon Musk has confirmed reports that the company is working on expanding the character limit from 280 to 4,000. (For context, this article is around 2,070 characters long.) While his promises for product changes should be taken with a grain of salt, significantly longer tweets combined with features like Twitter subscriptions (aka Super Follows) that let creators make content that you can only see by paying could help replace Revue for some use cases.

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