You’ll be able to do push-ups and pet a cute pup in Fire Emblem Engage’s main hub

Nintendo released a new trailer about the main hub zone of Fire Emblem Engage, a floating fortress called the Somniel, and it looks like it will improve on the academy in Fire Emblem: Three Houses in just about every way.

One of the new areas in the Somniel, for example, is a “training yard” that lets you do workout mini-games to temporarily boost your stats. I was instantly reminded of the workout mini-games in Final Fantasy VII and the remake, and I’m glad they’re making an appearance in Fire Emblem. Who needs a whole strategy game when I can just get swole?

You’ll also be able to pet and feed a mysterious and adorable dog-like creature. (If you told me it was a pokémon, I’d believe you.) According to the video, “legend says that good things come to those who care for it,” and while the player character in the video gets some “bond fragments” after petting the creature, it’s not clear what those will be used for. You’ll also be able to care for animals you find in the game’s world in a new farmyard, including a cat, a donkey, and a camel.

There’s a lot more in the video, like details on clothes shopping, fortune-telling, a rail shooter mini-game, and returning activities from like Three Houses, such as fishing and cooking meals with your allies. If you’re at all interested in the new game, which launches in just about a month on January 20th, I recommend you watch the whole thing.

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